My chilli plants don't seem to understand that winter is nap time. One in particular is persisting in fruiting, even with huge pruning know...*winter*. The tips of many of the leaves have turned yellow, and I found out on Better Homes and Gardens that it's a result of lack of nutrients. They should be sleeping, but instead they need fertiliser because they insist on flowering and fruiting.

Sadly, the worm water my uncle gave me isn't enough to do the job, so I had to buy strange little pellets from the supermarket. I just hope I don't burn their roots or something equally bad.

I have quite the little potted garden going. There's rosemary, chilli bushes, basil, parsley and some very pathetic mint.

Once it's Spring I plan on planting a lot more things, including flowers (which have always struck me as somewhat useless to grow, since I can't eat them).


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